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There is a widespread and deeply unsettling sense that children are changing in ways that tell us much about ourselves as a society. These changes are reflected in children's behavior and in their everyday speech and actions. Down through history,these changes took place in all societies . Education played a huge role in helping young people become smart and good. Realizing that smart and good are not the same, we at HUBS educate for character as well as intellect, decency as well as literacy, virtue as well as knowledge.

Inshallah, HUBS will go back to normal teaching starting the new academic year 2021-2022 with the passing away of the CoronaVirus, or maybe a blend of, in school and e-learning together, but we will continue to teach at the maximum level of high standard the same way we did during the pandemic and of course as we did before and better.

We at HUBS could not have done it without the effort of our dedicated teachers, the guidance and follow-up of the administration, the hard work the students put with their parents to overcome all obstacles, and on top of all, the increment and grace of Allah that guided us all through all times.

Thank you
Raja Al Saleh



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Al-Hayat means life. The Will of God brought Al-Hayat School to life through the efforts of a team of believers .....

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It will be our pleasure to have your child in our school. The purpose of our admission system is to make sure .....

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Tuition fees for Academic Year 20-21 according to Ministry of Education Guidelines .....

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